24 abril 2009

DREAM MASTER - Waiting for the End (2008)

1. Children of Tomorrow
2. False Leaders
3. Speed Lovers
4. Inner Suffering
5. Looking for an Angel
6. At the Edge
7. Lost Boys
8. The Circle of Life
9. Prelude to Wrath
10. Power of Hate
11. Chained Whishes
12. School of Dark Arts
13. Reino del Terror
14. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover)

Una de las bandas mas promisorias de Argentina estos Dream Master, de sonido Heavy/power metal.


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Mr Stu dijo...

Please could you put this up on your site ??

This is a promo pack for the London Thrash/Rock/Metal band.
It contains a video interview recorded at the Gaff.
2 MP3's of "Truth Is Lies (Radio Edit)" and "Twisted Sinister Smile (Radio Edit)" from the debut album 'Live And Wrecked'.
Information booklet.


metallizer dijo...

great band! in Russia there is a rock band MASTER ( мастер )
MASTER-1991 «Talk of the Devil»
МАСТЕР -1989 "С Петлей на Шее"


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