11 agosto 2008

CUTTY SARK - Die Tonight (1984)

1. Stupid Lies
2. Die Tonight
3. Vultures In The Air
4. Jam To The Ramp
5. Hands Up
6. October Holidays
7. Down And Out
8. Burning To Ashes

Impresionante banda germana de culto formados a mediados de la decada del 70, la cual grabo tan solo 4 discos que no tienen desperdicio(3 Lp y un Ep), puro y aguerrido heavy metal.


1 comentario:

Oliver Kill dijo...

Thank you so much!
I've been looking for this album for so long...
As a sign of respect I put you on the list of Metal Outcome blog-friends.
Let the metall-unity get stronger every day!
Good Luck!


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